Group Cycling&Swim Classes

Saturday Swim Class at GGTSC

Trifiniti offers a variety of group workouts to help meet your fitness goals. Classes and times change frequently, so please contact for the current schedule.

Get results! Join one of our most popular group training programs and discover for yourself what you didn’t realize you could do. Now in its fourth season, Trifiniti’s fall marathon group training prepares runners for not only their first, but has lead athletes to astounding PR’s and Boston marathon qualifying finishes. Your 14 week training program begins August 31th and targets the California International Marathon on December 5th, 2010.
Train like a runner! Developed by a runner, your marathon training plan is run specific but so easy, even a triathlete can use it. Your marathon training plan also includes cross training options to maintain that swim-bike base during the "off" season.
Set your Pace! Each athlete will obtain a set of paces specific to their current fitness level and target marathon goals range. Heart rate monitors will also be utilized as a secondary training tool to understand hydration, fueling and recovery needs.
Get Supported! Have fun, build camaraderie and enjoy the challenge and rewards from stretching yourself beyond what you thought you could attain and doing it in a healthy way.
Your program includes:
  • Friends Fly for Half! Or better yet, you take half or split the difference - 50% off when a friend joins.
  • 14 week comprehensive training plan including swim/bike training options
  • Individual Consultations – don’t get left in center field with typical group training, you and your coach will establish your training goals and objectives specific to your ability
  • Run using pace and heart rate zones specific to you
  • Training Peaks account
  • Pace or functional threshold field testing
  • Athlete-coach pre race strategy
  • Weekly to bi-weekly coached training runs
  • Course and post run support from the Trifiniti Swag Mobile with special support provided by VEGA
  • Post Run socials include breakfast snacks & massage
  • Trifiniti Swag
  • Run Clinics on injury prevention, run nutrition, etc.
  • Cost of program $315 or 50% off when a friend joins

To register or more information contact

Train to go the distance with the Trifiniti Pure Power cycling series. No need to schlep your bike around town; these 60- or 90-minute workouts are performed on Kaiser M3 Studio Cycles equipped with electronically braked power meters. Each six-week series begins with a test session to determine individual power and heart rate training zones. Pure Power classes are held at the top-rated San Francisco Bay Club and the Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club.

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30am with Coach Duane, Golden Gate Tennis & Swim Club
Thursdays: 6:30-8:00pm with Coach Dorette, San Francisco Bay Club

TRIFINITI GROUP SWIM at Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club in San Francisco.
Periodized triathlon Masters-style workout. Emphasis is placed on endurance, power and efficient freestyle technique with 3,000-4,500 yards of intervals. This 80-90 minute group workout is currently held in a beautiful outdoor pool located at the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club, across from the SF Ferry building on the Embarcadero.
Space is limited. Contact coach D to reserve your spot now.

Saturday 7:00 – 8:30 am. This series is held seasonally from January through early Spring.

Track intervals and speed work should be a building block of every endurance training plan. Join Coach Dorette for a weekly Wednesday evening track class at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. Hosted by the Golden Gate Triathlon Club, these workouts for competitive or recreational runners aim to improve aerobic strength (VO2 max), efficiency and overall running form. New participants start with a two-mile time trial to establish base interval times. From there you'll move to a program designed specifically for your pace and next big race. There's a workout to fit your plan whether you're prepping for a 5K, an ultra or any distance in between. Use of a heart rate monitor is strongly encouraged.

Wednesday, 6:45 - 8:00pm, Kezar Stadium, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Please visit the Golden Gate Triathlon Club website for more information. For personalized track coaching, email

Are you ready to achieve the dream of a lifetime? Hundreds of athletes of all abilities have used the Trifiniti group Ironman and Half Ironman programs to help get them across the finish line.

  • A professionally designed 24-week full Ironman training regimen (two 12-week segments)
  • A strength training program designed for triathletes
  • A periodized plan that will bring you to peak fitness for your Ironman event, plus one or two shorter tune-up races.
  • A Training Peaks online account to monitor your progress
  • Access to a private Trifiniti web forum
  • One professionally coached group workout per week
  • Workshops and seminars on critical Ironman topics, including race day nutrition, hydration and strength training
  • Access to the Trifiniti coaches via email and phone
  • Recommendations and guidelines for off-season training
  • Discounts on other Trifiniti coaching services, including Pure Power cycling classes, Performance group cycling, physiological testing, swim video analysis and individual skills coaching
Contact to learn more about our most current group training program.

This program will help you prepare for a late fall or early winter marathon. You'll receive daily individual workouts, plans for cross training sessions and a Training Peaks web account. There's a weekly coached group run, periodic time trials to set training levels and monitor racing heart rate and pace, plus one-on-one consultations with Coach Dorette. This program works. A third of Trifiniti Group Marathon runners have achieved the ultimate in US distance running: a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.