Individual Online Coaching

Tom Crites running up hill at Angel Island

Triathlon, Running, Ultras:
Whether you are training for multisport such as triathlon or duathlon, or you are a single sport endurance athlete, our Trifiniti Endurance coaching staff can help you every step of the way. We coach athletes of all levels and distances from sprint triathlons to Ironman and beyond. We also specialize in half and full marathon coaching and ultra running events.

The best way to get results is with a periodized performance training plan that is customized and tailored to your individual goals, experiences, fitness level and your busy schedule. We will meet with you or schedule a phone consultation to help establish your training objectives and race goals, then provide daily workouts in precise detail to help you peak for your important events. In addition to the disciplines of three sports, you will also receive a periodized strength training program on PT on the Net. Daily workouts are delivered and logged using the powerful web-based, Training intensity is monitored by heart rate and, or power zones determined by a series of performance tests or physiological testing. Contact Coach D for current On-line coaching Cost. Payment by check or credit cards via Paypal. Contact Coach D to get started today.