Individual Appointments

Coach D demonstrates the "reach"

The Coach Cam™ video system records your swim, capturing picture-perfect views above and below the water. You'll get a close-up look at what's right-or maybe wrong-with your stroke. This 90-minute appointment starts with the pool video session. Immediately after you'll get a one-on-one review and suggestions for drills to improve your swim. You'll also walk away with a DVD copy of your video.

Just like swimming, proper form is critical for efficient, injury-free running. This 75-minute appointment at a local track begins with a video session to capture multiple views of your stride and overall form. Then it's off to the nearest coffee house to analyze the results. The analysis also includes a head-to-toe review of proper running mechanics, plus drills to optimize your run.

This appointment is for those athletes who want to take their strength training up a notch. Using our PT-on-the-net strength routine as a guide, our staff will review and create an advanced and challenging strength plan to address strength imbalances, weakness, and to increase performance to another level. Athletes will perfect multiple movements using bar bells, dumb bells, kettle bells, basic Olympic lifts, and plyometrics to create a more connected and stronger body that can withstand the rigors of endurance training. We offer both individual appointments and multiple session packages. Contact Coach Nate at for details.

The Trifiniti method starts with a scientific approach to building better athletes. For cyclists and runners, the first step is a field test to precisely measure your current level of fitness. Using performance metrics like lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR) and personalized heart rate training zones, coaches can build a program to help reach your goals. After a training period, you'll test again to see your gains-and to set your next set of goals. This assessment works well in conjunction with laboratory physiological testing. (Available for individuals or small groups)

Build your own one-hour session to work on any aspect of your routine. Whether you need help shopping for a new bike or wetsuit or you want to completely rebuild your annual training plan, there's a Trifiniti coach with the expertise to get it done.

For the ultimate in performance evaluation, Trifiniti offers referrals for advanced physiological testing through The San Francisco Bay Club. Using the state-of-the-art Parvo Medical system, technicians measure the critical athletic metrics. Among them are VO2 analysis, Max VO2, threshold testing, and set precise heart rate training zones, resting metabolic rate (RMR) and metabolic efficiency testing for precise nutritional fueling during long endurance events.

Does your race day plan need a little help? Trifiniti coaches can troubleshoot problems related to pace, fluid intake or nutrition needs for your event. They offer clinics to fine-tune your set-up or your swim-bike or bike-run transition. Need a psychological plan for your race? Trifiniti can assist there, too, with one-on-one sessions that teach athletic focus and strategies that will let you power through the tough moments of training and racing.

Customized appointments
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