Training Pace Calculator

Mara on the run

The Training Intensity/Pace Calculator was created to help athletes estimate their various training intensities for swimming, cycling and running. Once the workout intensity zone objective is identified (i.e. active recovery, aerobic endurance, LT threshold, anaerobic endurance), the appropriate pace, heart rate or power can be estimated. Remember that you must first enter your individual parameters before the intensity zones will be customized. It’s always best to use your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) whenever possible (see brief description of LTHR below). Otherwise you can input your maximum heart rate or estimated maximum heart rate. Input as much information as you have however only input your LTHRs if you know them. You do not need to input your maximum heart rate if your LTHRs have been entered.

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How to estimate your LTHR

Your LTHR also referred to as the heart rate at anaerobic threshold or functional threshold, is the intensity that a conditioned endurance athlete can hold for approximately 45-60 minutes. To obtain this, Trifiniti suggest you complete a 30 minute run on the track or other flat terrain. Your estimated LTHR is your average heart rate during the final 20 minutes of that trial. LTHR can be estimated on the bike during a 30-45 minute steady time trial of 10-12 miles. Your average heart rate during the ride is your predicted LTHR. Alternatively, you can estimate LTHR with your average heart rate over a series of shorter bouts between 5-10 minutes with 2-3 minutes easy recovery between. Use the average obtained during the work interval only, not the recovery.

LTHR can also be estimated from your average heart rates during an actual race of approx. 30-60 minutes of cycling or running. Remember LTHR and training zones are specific to the individual activity. Finally, note that these are meant only as estimates for training. Physiological testing is recommended for a more precise physiological determination.

Disclaimer: Consult your physician before beginning an exercise program or using the information obtained from this website or any where else. If at any time you feel discomfort, dizzy or experience pain, stop activity and contact your physician immediately. Athletes participating in any activity related to Trifiniti should be healthy and free of injury or any signs of metabolic, cardiovascular or muscular-skeletal disease. Trifiniti athletes are required to submit a completed Athlete Questionnaire and Par Q upon beginning training.